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Hello Rainbow Chili, Post One of a True Foodie's Journey

It's a chilly November Sunday afternoon and I'm thinking, "what an appropriate day to try my hand at veggie chili"; when it's chilly, make some chili! Over the last two years I've gone through a dramatic food journey as I've dug deep into some of the politics surrounding food. What I've ultimately discovered is that, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE EATING. There are some noxious, synthetic, and modified ingredients in the things you put in your mouth, but let's save that discussion for another blog post. I really started this blog because I have become very passionate about cooking, aka discovering the art of making my own food from scratch. Once I moved out and started living on my own I took a greater interest in making my own food because let's face it, ordering take out or pre-boxed meals from the grocery store is costly, wasteful, (in terms of the packaging), and frankly unhealthy, (packed full of sodium, fats and other bad things our bo…

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